Contact our representatives!

Please contact our sales representatives: they inform you in details on how to prepare your job and order your product. For any technical details please contact our experts.

You can fill and send us an online quotation request form, or even logon for our Apogee Portal and handle your jobs personally.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Alföldi Printing company and how do I get there?

The Alföldi Nyomda Printing House can be found at 6 Böszörményi Road in Debrecen/Hungary. You can park your car at the entrance of our company.
You can easily locate our company on the Google Map reading the "Contact | Map" page.

Who do I have to contact to order printing?

On the "Contact | Representatives" page you find our commercial experts and their phone numbers. You can contact them to order your printing job. Please call them, or send them your request via e-mail to negotiate your request in details.

How can I present materials and properties belonging to my order?

Originals, typescripts or slides belonging to your order can be sent directly to our sales representative who you are in contact with. You can also transfer your document files stored on cartridge, harddisk, CD/DVD or pendrive. Please feel free to use our FTP server and Apogee Portal Server (requires registration) to upload your documents directly via internet.

How can I check my job before it is printed?

Jobs prepared for the pressroom can be inspected four ways:
1.) Printed sheets containing the pages imposed to their desired format, as a proof printed in b/w or colour on paper;
2.) Colour proof printed on special material, representing the quality of a press;
3.) Electronic proof created by our pre-press system. A PDF file is created for both the front and back side of the prints, containing low resolution images for shorter download time. Imposed PDF files are created per request and can be downloaded from our FTP server. Download process requires registration with unique username and password.
4.) Accessing Apogee Portal service that makes file upload and inspection easier. Users can upload their documents to their dedicated storage area, and can validate each of their jobs before the manufacturing phase.

Who can answer my specific questions?

If your question belongs to your order, please contact our sales representatives or the production managers. If you have questions on preparing your job, please contact the pre-press manager. If you have any technical question, please contact our system supervisor.